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Embracing the developments in technology I work mainly in a digital format constructing images that act as his mirror to society. My original works are mainly printed on Glass, Aluminum and canvas. I also create sculptural works that explore inventive techniques of expression, which critique the recession stricken society of today. I use a symbolic understanding in themes like religion, life and politics to convey my message, thus, heralding the return of an art form that is created for the public. My influences include Blek, Warhol, Hirst, Bacon, Blake and Lichtenstein.

Recent achievements include the global acknowledgement of my piece “Let me listen to me and not to them”. The social-critical image has inspired journalists all over the world to discuss the work including a feature in Vogue’s Italian flagship magazine, the Washington Post, New York Times and countless more in 43 different countries. The work caused a protest in my hometown. Since the story broke in January 2011, the image has been viewed online more that 180 Million times.

The viral nature of this work has proved my ability to create modern iconic images; my work has received critical acclaim and been purchased by several well-known celebrities.

Johnny Cotter


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